Darts Tournaments

Finnegan's 501

Usually once a month we host a Finnegan’s Darts Tournament. Everyone is welcome. We just ask you to sign up at least one hour before the start so as we have enough time to form the groups.
The rules are simple:

  • Players are put into pairs. Both players shoot at the bull. Whoever is closest starts.
  • The score board starts at 501. Each player throws three darts and their score is deducted.
  • The player to reach zero first closes the game BUT the last dart must land on a double.

Tournament Winners 2017

  • JANUARY Andrea
  • FEBRUARY Mohammad
  • MARCH Simon
  • APRIL Antonio
  • MAY Tomaso
  • JUNE Granata
  • JULY Claudio
  • AUGUST Claudio
  • SEPTEMBER Mohammad
  • OCTOBER Duccio

Photos from past tournaments